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Dark Child: The Novel

When poor babies wind up missing, no one seems to care.

Urban Brown is a white man who grew up in the dark recesses of the inner city where he was the victim of torment, abuse, abandonment, deception, and murder. Urban overcame his horrid past to live a peaceful and prosperous existence in his upper-class community. He has everything a man could ask for: a career, which he loves; a sprawling estate and a drop-dead gorgeous fiancée, Sierra. Then out of the blue, he receives a phone call that changes his life.

About the Book

Having overcome a violence-marked childhood to live peacefully at the side of his fiancée in a prosperous mixed-race community, Urban Brown learns of his drug-addicted sister’s involvement in a baby brokering operation, a situation that prompts him to reach out to the disenfranchised youth of his home neighborhood.

Genre: Urban Fiction
ISBN: 1593092458
List Price: 13.95
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