Dear Reader,

Travis Hunter is a Florence, South Carolina native who has authored seven urban fiction novels. Travis is an author, screenwriter, songwriter, and motivational speaker. He published The Hearts of Men in December 1999, which was his first novel with no idea how the book would change his life. Travis transitioned from working a nine-to-five office job to traveling to every state. Travis has traveled to eleven other countries to speak at colleges, universities, jails, prisons, and juvenile detention centers. Throughout Travis' travels, he's continuously asked, when would he write the sequel to Married, But Still Looking.

As an author, Travis serves at the pleasure of his readers. As such, you asked, and now Travis Hunter presents, Married, But Not Really. Travis hopes that you will enjoy reacquainting with Genesis and Terri Styles. Drama-filled, Genesis and Terry's life is sometimes hilarious and other times downright heartbreaking. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as Travis enjoyed writing.