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A Family Sin: A Novel

A Family Sin, full of riveting twists and turns of plot, unravels the mystery of a long-buried secret that threatens to tear a family apart.

Karim Spencer, raised in the home of a bootlegger in a run-down neighborhood, has gone on to become a successful businessman with a tony home, a beautiful girlfriend, and a son. But memories of tragedy and betrayal have kept him entrenched in the past, as have the living reminders of his former life, including his down-on-her-luck sister, Nadiah; JaQuan, Nadiah’s thugged-out teenage son; and Karim’s older brother, Omar, serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.

As emotions reach a boiling point, does Karim have what it takes to set JaQuan on a straight path, clear his brother of a bogus indictment without jeopardizing his own future, and hold together the family that he so desperately loves?

As Travis Hunter skillfully draws us in with strong, believable characters with endearing flaws and broken dreams...

About the Book
ISBN: 0345481682
List Price: 13.95
eBook Price: 4.99
Audiobook Price: 18.11
The clunky latest from Atlanta-based Hunter offers a look at black urban life complicated by a slew of conflicts. The novel centers on Karim, who has escaped family tragedy and the temptations of the street to become a successful Atlanta businessman. Now he sees his nephew JaQuan headed for trouble, but is hesitant to help him for fear of bringing danger to his family. He's also grappling with the burden of being the family's straight arrow, surrounded by a stripper sister, a grandmother who sells liquor on her back porch and a convict brother. Hunter plagues his characters with obstacles, but the resolutions are too pat (or, in one case involving Random House saving the day, too hokey) and the prose is little more than serviceable. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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